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Sighisoara Clock Tower by Holiday to Romania
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Bucovina and Transylvania Odyssey

Explore the rich cultural tapestry of Romania on our 6-day Bucovina & Transylvania Odyssey. Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites, learn
6 days
Bucovina, Moldavia, Transylvania
Maramures Traditional House by Holiday to Romania
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Bucovina and Maramures Treasures

Embark on an 8-day journey through Romania's Bucovina and Maramures regions, where history and folklore come alive. Visit UNESCO World
8 days
Bucovina, Maramures
Viscri Saxon Village View by Holiday to Romania
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Highlights of Romania

Join us on a 9-day journey through Maramures and Transylvania to explore medieval citadels, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and the
9 days
Maramures, Transylvania
Sighisoara Staircase by Holiday to Romania
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Dracula's Trail

Step into the world of legends and history with Dracula's Trail, an 8-day immersive tour through Romania. Visit iconic landmarks
8 days
Bucharest, Transylvania, Wallachia
Famous and Charming Romania by Holiday to Romania
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Famous and Charming Romania

Embark on an exquisite 12-day journey through Romania's most captivating regions with our 'Famous and Charming Romania' tour. From the
12 days
Bucharest, Bucovina, Maramures, Transylvania
Saxon Village with Fortified Church by Holiday to Romania
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Transylvanian Time Traveler

Journey through the mystical land of Transylvania on a 7-day private tour that showcases its rich history, medieval architecture, and
7 days
Bucharest, Transylvania
Saschiz Fortified Church by Holiday to Romania
Short Tour

Transylvanian Escape

Experience the essence of medieval Transylvania on the Transylvanian Escape, a 4-day private cultural tour. Visit legendary castles, ancient fortified
4 days
Sighisoara Streets by Holiday to Romania
Exclusive Tour!

Timeless Treasures of Romania

Explore the depth of Romania's history, culture, and scenic beauty on a 13-day tour across its most iconic regions. From
13 days
Black Sea Coast, Bucovina, Danube Delta, Maramures, Transylvania

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Horezu Monastery by Holiday to Romania
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UNESCO Wonders of Romania

Explore the depth of Romania's history and culture on a 15-day tour through UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the Danube Delta, Bucovina's painted monasteries, and Transylvania's fortified churches. Experience the natural beauty of the Carpathian Mountains, enjoy authentic Romanian cuisine, and engage with local traditions and crafts. This all-encompassing tour promises unforgettable memories and a deep connection to Romania's vibrant heritage.
5.00 / 3 reviews
16 days
Black Sea Coast, Bucharest, Bucovina, Danube Delta, Maramures, Transylvania, Wallachia
Cultural Tour, Long Tour, Private Cruise, Private Tour
Rock sculpture of Decebalus Iron Gates by Holiday to Romania
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Romanian Odyssey

The Long Romania Tour is the most complex tour that is designed to give you a private experience about Romanian history, people, taste and untouched landscapes. You will discover the fantastic sites and monuments from Romania in this 20-day tour into the famous land of Transylvania, the land of still living traditions in Maramures, the holy land of Bucovina, the unique biodiversity of Danube Delta and the vibrant Bucharest, the capital of Romania.
5.00 / 3 reviews
20 days
Black Sea Coast, Bucharest, Bucovina, Danube Delta, Maramures, Transylvania, Wallachia
Cultural Tour, Long Tour, Private Cruise, Private Tour
Short Tour

Explore the Magic of Brasov

Dive into the heart of Transylvania with our 3-day "Explore the Magic of Brasov" tour. Experience historical landmarks like Bran Castle and Peles Castle, discover traditional crafts in Viscri, and enjoy close encounters with nature at the LiBearty Bear Sanctuary. Perfect for those looking to blend history with nature in one of Romania's most captivating cities.
5.00 / 3 reviews
3 days
Adventure Tour, City Break, Cultural Tour, Short Tour
Sapanta Merry Cemtery by Holiday to Romania
Short Tour

Maramures Marvel

Discover the enchanting region of Maramures on this comprehensive 3-day tour. From UNESCO-listed wooden churches and the lively Sapanta Merry Cemetery to a scenic ride on the Mocanita steam train, this tour offers a deep dive into Romanian culture and history. Enjoy authentic interactions, traditional meals, and a captivating folklore show, all while exploring the beautiful landscapes and rich traditions of Maramures.
5.00 / 3 reviews
3 days
Cultural Tour, Private Tour, Short Tour

Our Reviews

Francesca P.

Explore the Magic of Brasov

Alex our guide was amazing. He brought Transylvania to life not the only the places we visited but information about the country, people and history. Would recommend for anyone visiting.

Scott C.

Dracula's Trail

This tour was an amazing blend of history from decades to centuries ago. We explored several sights related to Dracula and his inspiration, Vlad the Impaler. We saw breathtaking views, beautiful churches and amazing castles. I would highly recommend touring Romania with a guide and using Holiday to Romania as much would be missed otherwise.