Transylvania Adventure

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A Taste of Timisoara

Experience the cultural vibrancy of Timisoara on this exclusive 3-day tour. Discover historic sites like Charlottenburg village and Radna Saint Marry Monastery, delve into the rich history at Margina village, and unwind with local wine tastings. This tour includes comfortable accommodation, guided visits, and an in-depth exploration of Timisoara’s historical landmarks and communist past, making it perfect for those looking to experience the essence of Transylvania in a short time.

3 days
City Break, Cultural Tour, Private Tour, Short Tour
Famous and Charming Romania by Holiday to Romania

Famous and Charming Romania

Embark on an exquisite 12-day journey through Romania’s most captivating regions with our ‘Famous and Charming Romania’ tour. From the historic streets of Bucharest to the mystical landscapes of Transylvania, Maramures, and Bucovina, this tour offers an in-depth exploration of Romania’s rich heritage. Discover UNESCO World Heritage Sites, interact with local cultures, and indulge in authentic Romanian cuisine. Enjoy personalized experiences, luxurious accommodations, and expert guidance every step of the way. This tour is not just a holiday; it’s a deep dive into the heart and soul of Romania, offering unforgettable memories and cultural insights.

12 days
Bucharest, Bucovina, Maramures, Transylvania
Cultural Tour, Long Tour, Private Tour

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