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Embark on an 8-day cultural odyssey through Romania’s historic regions of Bucovina and Maramures, areas renowned for their UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the vividly painted monasteries of Bucovina and the ancient wooden churches of Maramures. This tour invites you to delve deep into the heart of Romanian culture and history, exploring the rich traditions, crafts, and folklore that define these captivating landscapes.

From the architectural splendors and spiritual resonance of Bucovina’s monasteries to the rustic charm and vibrant community spirit of Maramures, each day presents a new adventure. Experience the unique crafts of egg painting and pottery, and immerse yourself in local customs with home-hosted dinners that offer a taste of authentic Romanian hospitality.

Highlights include a nostalgic ride on a steam train, a reflective visit to the poignant Merry Cemetery in Sapanta, and explorations of significant historical sites like the Suceava Citadel and the Turda Salt Mine. As the journey concludes with a walking tour of the enchanting town of Sibiu, you’ll carry with you a deeper appreciation of Romania’s cultural wealth and timeless traditions.

Designed for those who seek to connect with the essence of Romania’s heritage, this tour combines immersive cultural experiences with visits to some of the country’s most iconic landmarks, all while ensuring comfort and expert guidance throughout your travels. Join us for a memorable exploration of Bucovina and Maramures, where history and legend weave together in the tapestry of Romanian life.

The tour can be personalised according to your time and points of interest.

Itinerary: Bucharest Arrival – Bucovina Exterior Painted Monasteries – Cacica Salt Mine – Suceava Citadel – Wooden Churches of Maramures – Maramures Region Highlights & Folklore Show – Steam Train – Sapanta Merry Cemetery – Turda Salt Mine – Sibiu Walking Tour – Bucharest Departure

DEPARTURE/RETURNThe tour starts and ends in Bucharest, with airport transfers included for your convenience. Alternative starting and ending points can be arranged according to your travel plans, ensuring a seamless travel experience tailored to your needs.
TRANSPORTATIONTravel in comfort with a modern, air-conditioned car or minivan, ensuring a pleasant journey across Bucovina and Maramures and back to Bucharest.
TOURIST GUIDEThe tour starts and ends in Bucharest, with airport transfers included for your convenience. Alternative starting and ending points can be arranged according to your travel plans, ensuring a seamless travel experience tailored to your needs.
8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and one on the Tentative List

Voronet Painted Monastery (Bucovina Exterior Painted Monasteries) – Often dubbed as the “Sistine Chapel of the East,” famed for its stunning Last Judgment fresco in vibrant Voronet blue.

Moldovita Painted Monastery (Bucovina Exterior Painted Monasteries) – Renowned for its siege of Constantinople fresco, illustrating vivid biblical scenes in rich golden and azure hues.

Sucevita Painted Monastery (Bucovina Exterior Painted Monasteries) – Encapsulates a large fortification with extensive and well-preserved frescoes covering a panoramic spectrum of religious narratives.

Humor Painted Monastery (Bucovina Exterior Painted Monasteries) – Notable for its frescoes painted in red, depicting the Siege of Constantinople and the life of saints.

Surdesti Wooden Church (Maramures Wooden Churches) – A pinnacle of wooden church architecture with its tall, slim tower and intricate timber engravings.

Budesti Wooden Church (Maramures Wooden Churches) – Known for its historical wooden bell tower and intricate interior woodwork that showcases the artisanal craftsmanship of Maramures.

Barsana Wooden Church (Maramures Wooden Churches) – A newer construction that epitomizes the traditional wooden architecture of Maramures in a modern monastic complex.

Ieud Wooden Church (Maramures Wooden Churches) – Stands in a serene setting, representing some of the oldest wooden church constructions in Maramures with significant historical manuscripts preserved within.

Historic Centre of Sibiu and its Ensemble of Squares (Tentative List for UNESCO World Heritage Sites) – Experience the architectural diversity and cultural vibrancy of Sibiu, a former European Capital of Culture. The city’s layout, from the grand squares to the narrow streets, exemplifies a rich Saxon heritage blended with modern European influences.


  • Bucovina Painted Monasteries: Discover the world-famous painted monasteries of Bucovina, including Voronet and Sucevita, celebrated for their vibrant frescoes.
  • Maramures Wooden Churches: Visit the iconic wooden churches of Maramures, such as Surdesti and Budesti, which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites known for their unique architecture and historical significance.
  • Cacica Salt Mine: Explore the underground beauty of the Cacica Salt Mine, a marvel of engineering and cultural importance.
  • Suceava Citadel: Walk through the historic Suceava Citadel, a key defensive fortress in medieval Moldavia.
  • Traditional Culinary Experiences: Enjoy authentic local cuisine, including organic smoked bacon and homemade lunches, showcasing the region’s culinary traditions.
  • Merry Cemetery of Sapanta: Experience the unique Merry Cemetery with its colorful and whimsically inscribed tombstones that celebrate life with humor and poignancy.
  • Steam Train Ride: Take a nostalgic ride on a steam train through the scenic landscapes of Maramures, providing a throwback to the golden age of rail travel.
  • Turda Salt Mine: Descend into the depths of one of the oldest salt mines in the world, now a spectacular underground park.
  • Sibiu Cultural Walk: Discover the historic and charming town of Sibiu, known for its distinctive ‘eyes’ on the roofs and rich Saxon heritage.
  • Folklore and Craft Demonstrations: Participate in hands-on experiences such as pottery and egg-painting museum, deepening your appreciation for local crafts.
DEPARTURE/RETURNThe tour starts and ends in Bucharest, with airport transfers included for your convenience. Alternative starting and ending points can be arranged according to your travel plans, ensuring a seamless travel experience tailored to your needs.
TRANSPORTATIONTravel in comfort with a modern, air-conditioned car or minivan, ensuring a pleasant journey across Bucovina and Maramures and back to Bucharest.
TOURIST GUIDEThe tour starts and ends in Bucharest, with airport transfers included for your convenience. Alternative starting and ending points can be arranged according to your travel plans, ensuring a seamless travel experience tailored to your needs.
4 nights at centrally located hotels3 nights home stay in Maramures (this can be changed to a hotel if desired)
Natural, authentic and local culinary experiencesBreakfast every day
One Wine Tasting with lunchSteam Train Trip with picnic lunch
One traditional Bucovina lunchThree home hosted dinners in Maramures
Exclusive organic smoked bacon tasting with lunchFuel, parking fees and local taxes included
Exclusive Romanian folklore showPottery demonstration
Certified English-Speaker tourist guide specialized in Romanian culture and historyEntrance fees to museums and sites included as per itinerary and guided tours at all sites
Detailed map of RomaniaBottled water provided in the vehicle
Friendly talks with the guide about Vlad the Impaler – Dracula; Ceausescu and His Times and the Gypsies and Their Journey
Airplane tickets and health insuranceSouvenirs
Alcoholic beveragesHotel extras (telephone, mini bar, etc)
Meals, other than those included in the itineraryGratuities of any kind
Photo/video fees at sites and museums


Day 1: Bucharest Arrival – Lunch & Wine Tasting – Bucovina

On the first day of your enchanting journey through Romania’s historic regions of Bucovina and Maramures, you’ll be warmly greeted by your guide upon arrival at Henri Coandă International Airport in Bucharest. From here, your adventure begins with a scenic drive through the picturesque Romanian countryside heading north towards Bucovina, a region celebrated for its deep cultural heritage and stunning painted monasteries.
As you travel, enjoy a relaxing lunch accompanied by a wine tasting session, where you’ll savor traditional Moldavian delights paired with locally produced wines. This introduction to Romanian cuisine and viticulture offers a delightful preview of the region’s culinary riches.
Upon reaching Bucovina, check into your comfortable 4-star hotel, ideally situated to provide easy access to the area’s cultural landmarks. After settling in, take the opportunity to explore the surrounding area at your leisure. The evening is yours to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of Bucovina, perhaps with a casual stroll through the nearby streets or relaxing at the hotel, preparing for the days of exploration that lie ahead.

Day 2: Bucovina Painted Monasteries (UNESCO World Heritage Sites) & Traditional Lunch – Black Pottery Workshop

The next day of your tour unfolds with a deep dive into the cultural and artistic heritage of Bucovina. Begin your morning with a visit to the local folk museum, where you’ll encounter a rich collection of traditional artifacts that offer insights into the daily lives and customs of the region’s historical inhabitants. This museum serves as an excellent introduction to the vibrant cultural tapestry you’ll experience throughout the day.
From there, your first stop at the renowned monasteries begins at Voronet, often called the “Sistine Chapel of the East.” Famous for its striking blue frescoes, particularly the Last Judgment, Voronet offers a stunning visual narrative of religious lore and biblical scenes, all framed by its vivid azure backgrounds.
Continue to Moldovita Monastery, where you’ll admire another set of beautifully preserved frescoes painted in deep reds and golds, depicting scenes from the Bible with an artistic intensity that captures the spiritual fervor of the region.
Midday brings a pause for lunch, where you can enjoy local culinary specialties in a nearby traditional restaurant, offering a chance to taste the flavors of Bucovina cuisine in a rustic and charming setting.
Post-lunch, visit Sucevita Monastery, the largest of the painted monasteries, which resembles a fortress with its high, thick walls. Its frescoes, covered with a luminous range of greens, depict the Ladder of St. John and the siege of Constantinople, showcasing the artistic and spiritual legacy of Orthodox Christianity in Romania.
Later in the afternoon, explore a local black pottery workshop. Here, you’ll witness the unique craftsmanship involved in creating the famed black ceramics of the area, a tradition preserved by generations of artisans. This hands-on experience offers insight into the meticulous skills and cultural significance behind each piece.
Conclude your day’s exploration at Humor Monastery, smaller yet equally captivating with its frescoes painted in a dominant red. Like the others, Humor stands out for its artistic detail and historical narratives portrayed in its murals.
After a day filled with cultural immersion and historical exploration, return to your accommodation in the evening.

Day 3: Cacica Salt Mine – Putna Fortified Monastery – Dragomirna Fortified Monastery – Suceava Citadel

The following day brings you to the heart of Bucovina’s historical landscape as you embark on a journey filled with architectural marvels and subterranean wonders. Start your morning with a visit to the Cacica Salt Mine, a marvel of engineering that dates back to the late 18th century. Delve into the cool, underground passages of this still-active mine, where the walls, chapel, and a small lake are all impressively carved from salt. The visit provides a fascinating glimpse into the area’s industrial past and the unique adaptations of its people.
Next on your itinerary is the Putna Monastery, often referred to as the “Jerusalem of Romanian Orthodoxy.” Founded by Prince Stephen the Great in 1466, this monastery serves as a spiritual haven and a repository of religious art and historical manuscripts. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to admire the richly decorated interior and the well-preserved frescoes that narrate tales of piety and devotion.
Continue your exploration to the Dragomirna Monastery, known for its slender and elongated architectural forms that reach skyward, distinct from the other monastic structures in the region. Built during the early 17th century, Dragomirna stands out for its intricate stone and wood carvings, which you can explore while enjoying the serene ambiance of its expansive grounds.
Conclude your day’s journey with a visit to the Suceava Citadel. Built in the 14th century, this imposing fortress served as a primary defensive structure against invading armies. The citadel’s thick walls and deep moats speak of a turbulent past and the strategic importance of this region in medieval Moldavia. Walking through the citadel, you’ll gain insights into the military architecture and the daily lives of those who once manned its ramparts.
After a day steeped in history and culture, return to your accommodation in Bucovina. The evening offers a chance to relax and reflect on the architectural and spiritual heritage you’ve experienced, setting the stage for the next part of your adventure in Maramures.

Day 4: Egg-painting Museum – Ieud Wooden Church – Woman Museum – Home Hosted Dinner in Maramures

As dawn breaks, your journey continues towards Maramures, a region revered for its wooden architecture and deep-rooted traditions. Your first stop is the charming Egg-Painting Museum, where you’ll delve into an exquisite form of Romanian folk art. This museum showcases a dazzling array of intricately painted eggs, each a miniature masterpiece symbolizing renewal and vitality.
Next, travel to the quaint village of Ieud, home to one of the oldest wooden churches in Maramures, the Ieud Wooden Church. Nestled on a hill and surrounded by lush greenery, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a striking example of Maramures’ iconic wooden architecture. Its interior, although modest, contains a rich collection of historical icons and a beautifully preserved wooden altar, telling tales of religious devotion and community spirit that have been passed down through generations.
Your cultural exploration deepens with a visit to the Woman Museum, a unique institution dedicated to the lives and contributions of women in Maramures. This museum offers insightful displays on traditional female roles in rural Romania, showcasing everything from folk costumes and domestic tools to ceremonial objects that highlight the pivotal role women play in preserving and perpetuating local customs.
Conclude your day with a home-hosted dinner in a typical Maramures household. This intimate experience allows you to savor authentic local cuisine. This meal not only offers a taste of regional flavors but also provides a warm, personal insight into the daily lives and hospitality of the people of Maramures.

Day 5: Exclusive Walking Tour – Communism Memorial – Sapanta Merry Cemetery – Dinner with Folklore Show

Today’s journey invites you to explore the soulful essence of Maramures, beginning with an exclusive walking tour of a traditional village. Wander through quaint streets lined with wooden homes, each bearing the distinctive carved gates that are a hallmark of the region. During the tour, gain insights into the local way of life, visiting artisans who continue the age-old crafts of weaving and woodcarving, vital elements of the Maramures cultural identity.
From there, the tour proceeds to Sighetu Marmatiei, a town rich in history and poignant memories. Visit the Memorial of the Victims of Communism, located in a former communist prison. This powerful museum is dedicated to remembering the resistance and suffering of those who stood against the communist regime in Romania. Each cell tells a different story, providing a deep and moving insight into the harsh realities faced during those tumultuous times.
Next, head to the vibrant Sapanta Merry Cemetery, famous for its colorful tombstones with naïve art illustrations and witty epitaphs that celebrate the lives of the deceased with humor and poignancy. This unique cemetery breaks the conventional solemnity associated with death and reflects the local belief in the continuity of life in a lighthearted manner. The epitaphs, written in the first person, recount the lives of the villagers with honesty and unexpected humor, making this cemetery a one-of-a-kind cultural landmark.
The day concludes with a special dinner accompanied by a traditional Maramures folklore show. Immerse yourself in the cultural heritage of the region as local performers in vibrant costumes entertain you with dances and music passed down through generations. This lively evening not only showcases the region’s rich folklore but also allows you to participate in the communal joy and vibrancy that characterize Maramures celebrations.

Day 6: Steam Train Trip – Barsana Wooden Church – Home Hosted Dinner in Maramures

The next day offers an enriching continuation of your Maramures experience, starting with a scenic ride aboard the historic Mocanița steam train. This beloved heritage railway chugs through the picturesque Vaser Valley, providing breathtaking views of the Carpathian landscape. As you relax in the charmingly restored carriages, watch the verdant forests and rugged hillsides pass by, occasionally glimpsed through puffs of steam. A picnic lunch beside the river adds a delightful touch, allowing you to savor local flavors amidst the natural beauty.
Following the train ride, the tour takes you to the Barsana Monastery, an architectural gem of Maramures. The monastery’s tall, slender wooden spires and intricate carvings embody the spiritual and artistic traditions of the region. Stroll through the peaceful grounds, where nuns tend meticulously to the gardens, and visit the on-site museum that exhibits religious artifacts and icons, offering a deeper understanding of Orthodox faith and local customs.
The day concludes with another home-hosted dinner in Maramures, where the warmth of Romanian hospitality shines once again. This evening’s meal provides another opportunity to engage with local hosts, sharing stories and learning about the region’s customs directly from those who live them. Enjoy traditional dishes prepared with love and care, often accompanied by homemade fruit brandies that are sure to enliven the spirits.

Day 7: Surdesti & Budesti Wooden Churches – Organic Smoked Bacon Tasting with Home-made Lunch – Turda Salt Mine – Sibiu

On this enriching day of your journey, prepare to discover more of the cultural and natural treasures that Romania has to offer. Start with a visit to two of Maramures’ most iconic wooden churches, Surdesti and Budesti. These churches are celebrated for their architectural beauty and historical significance, both part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. The Church of Surdesti, known for its high, slim tower, stands as a testament to the ingenious craftsmanship of local woodworkers, blending spiritual significance with artistic achievement. Similarly, Budesti Wooden Church showcases remarkable wooden architecture, featuring intricate carvings that tell tales of faith and perseverance.
Next, delve into the local culture with a visit to a traditional village where you’ll experience an organic smoked bacon tasting. This immersive experience includes a homemade lunch prepared by local hosts, offering a taste of authentic Romanian flavors. Learn about the traditional methods of smoking and curing meats, a vital part of local culinary heritage, while enjoying dishes made from recipes passed down through generations.
After lunch, the tour moves on to the Turda Salt Mine, a spectacular subterranean wonder that dates back to antiquity but has been transformed into an underground theme park with modern attractions. Explore the mine’s vast chambers and learn about its historical role in salt extraction. The echo of footsteps along the mine’s corridors, combined with dramatic lighting and echoes of its mining past, create a surreal atmosphere that makes Turda a highlight of the trip.
The day concludes with a scenic drive to Sibiu, one of Transylvania’s most renowned cultural hubs. Once you arrive, take the time to settle into your accommodation and perhaps enjoy a brief evening stroll through the charming streets of this medieval city.

Day 8: Sibiu Walking Tour – Cozia Monastery – Olt River Gorges – Bucharest

On your final day, awaken in the beautiful city of Sibiu, ready to explore its rich history and architectural charm. Begin with a guided walking tour through Sibiu’s well-preserved medieval center, known for its distinctive “eyes” on the roofs that seem to watch over the city. Wander through the main squares — Piața Mare and Piața Mică — each lined with colorful buildings and bustling with cafe life. Visit landmarks such as the Brukenthal Palace, the Council Tower, and the Lutheran Cathedral of Saint Mary, each telling a part of Sibiu’s rich Saxon heritage.
After immersing yourself in Sibiu’s enchanting atmosphere, your journey continues with a visit to the Cozia Monastery, located on the picturesque banks of the Olt River. This historic monastery, founded by Mircea the Elder in 1388, is one of Romania’s oldest and most important religious sites. Admire its well-preserved frescoes and the serene beauty of the surrounding landscape.
Following your visit to Cozia, begin your return to Bucharest. This drive back through the Romanian countryside allows you to reflect on the incredible experiences and sights of the past week.
Upon arrival in Bucharest, you’ll be transferred to your departure point, whether it’s a hotel or directly to Henri Coandă International Airport for your flight home. This smooth transition marks the end of your adventure through Bucovina and Maramures, leaving you with cherished memories of painted monasteries, wooden churches, and the rich cultural tapestry of Romania. This day not only concludes your journey but also encapsulates the essence of your exploration — a blend of historical insights, cultural immersion, and the beauty of Romania’s heritage.
***Optional: You can choose a Bucharest City Tour (requires one extra day)
NOTE: The tour is further customizable.

Bucovina and Maramures Treasures Map

Traditional Romanian welcome dinner with Folklore Show

In the evening, you can opt to serve a traditional dinner at a local restaurant with an idyllic view, situated on the lakeshore in Bucharest’s most famous park, the Herastrau or Michael I Park. Here, you will enjoy a three-course meal dinner with wine included, and you will get a chance to discover the traditional Romanian folklore costumes while enjoying the dances of the local performers. The entire show displays authentic Romanian traditions and customs, from the sewn details on the white outfits of the dancers to the delighting music played by the local artists.

Three-hour trip in Ukraine, to Solotvina and Nyzhnya Apsha

After Sapanta Peri Monastery visit, you can chose to visit the Ukrainian Maramures with a visit to Solotvina, which is the Ukrainian part of the Romanian town. And you will have the chance to visit Nyzhnya Apsha village. This region was in Transylvania until 1920.

Extra full day Bucharest City Tour

After the breakfast, we will start the visit of the capital city of Romania. The day starts with a visit to the Village Museum, one of the most impressive open-air museums in Europe with century old original peasant households from all parts of Romania.
After, we will visit the world’s largest, heaviest and most expensive administrative building, the Palace of Parliament. Between the two communist landmarks, we will have a panoramic tour of the city with Victory Square and Avenue, Royal Palace and Revolution Square and a short stop and visit of the Romanian Athenaeum. Next, we will attend a visit to the former residence of Ceausescu family, the last communist leader of the Socialist Republic of Romania. In contradistinction with the Ceausescu former residence we will have an incursion back in time, in the communist time, where you will have the opportunity to experience life in the 80’s with the help of authentic decor and furniture, working appliances and household accessories, local drinks and homemade snacks and historical and archive footage.
Before arriving in the old city center we will stop in the Cotroceni Neighborhood where we will visit the Presidential Palace and a typical 1930s Bucharest Residence.
In the late afternoon, we will reach Bucharest’s Old Town, with the ruins of the Old Princely Court, known as Dracula’s residence, where the legend says that Vlad the Impaler was keeping his prisoners. We will take a sightseeing tour of this part of the city, filled with lively cafes and street food to see why the nickname of Bucharest is “The Little Paris”. The rest of the evening is on your own.

Three day Republic of Moldavia Extension with Tiraspol Tour


Extra Day 1: Bucovina – Iasi City Tour – Soroca

We will begin the three-day extension with the tour of Iasi city, the unofficial capital of the Moldavian region of Romania, here we will explore the Palace of Culture, the once gold-plated Church of the Three Hierarchs, Golia Monastery and the Neoclassical National Theatre. After this incursion, we will cross the Prut River in Republic of Moldavia, outside of the European Union. On the route enjoy the countryside to Soroca, the town that hosts the greatest and most impressive fortress in Republic of Moldavia. Before reaching the hotel we will visit a different part of the Soroca town, named the Gypsy Hill, where the Gypsy community built a neighbourhood of palaces. After this hotel check in and dinner on your own.

Extra Day 2: Soroca Fortress – Old Orhei with Traditional Lunch – Cricova Wine Cellars – Chisinau City Tour

After the breakfast, we will start the day with a visit to the one of the best well-preserved fortresses of Europe, established by the Moldavian Prince Stephen the Great in 1499.
Next, we travel south, stopping at the outstanding cave monastery of Old Orhei, which is organically combines the natural landscape and vestiges of ancient civilizations. A home-made lunch will be served in the village with the same name.
In the afternoon, you head to Cricova, where you will visit the largest wine cellar in the world and where you will enjoy some of the best Moldavian wines. The winery Cricova was founded in 1952 and it is one of the few wineries which produce sparkling wine using the Champagne Method. Before reaching the hotel, we will visit the capital city of Republic of Moldavia, which is one of the greenest city in Europe. The tour will reveal the Arch of Triumph, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Chisinau with the Belfry Tower and the Parliament of Moldavia. To have a sweet evening we will have a short stop at the famous “Bucuria” shop, which is the greatest enterprise specialized in the production of candies. The rest of the evening is at your leisure.


Extra Day 3: Bender Fortress – Tiraspol Tour – Bucovina

The last day in Republic of Moldavia will be an incursion in the unrecognized Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (Transnistria). It officially belongs to Moldova and is its second largest city.
First, we will visit Bender Fortress, which was built in one the most powerful of the medieval cities of Moldavia – Tighina, which was an important trade outpost. Later we will cross Dnister in Transnistria, where you will understand why this is the world’s last Soviet republic in fact.
In Tiraspol we will visit Suvorov Plaza & Monument, Memorial of the WW2 and Afghanistan war, Lenin statue and more.
After the walking tour in Tiraspol we will go back to Bucovina, crossing back Prut River in Romania.
Maramures Traditional House by Holiday to Romania
Humor Painted Monastery by Holiday to Romania
Traditional Whirlpool in Maramures by Holiday to Romania
Merry Cemetery Sapanta by Holiday to Romania
Natural Whirlpool in Maramures by Holiday to Romania
Traditional Haystack by Holiday to Romania
Maramures Folklore Show by Holiday to Romania
Sapanta Merry Cemetery by Holiday to Romania
Suceava Royal Court by Holiday to Romania
Ieud Wooden Church by Holiday to Romania
Sucevita Painted Monastery by Holiday to Romania
Barsana Wooden Church by Holiday to Romania
Surdesti Wooden Church by Holiday to Romania
Moldovita Painted Monastery Fresco
Sucevita Painted Monastery
Sucevita Painted Monastery Fresco
Suceava Royal Court Citadel

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5.00 based on 1 review
Anita S.
October 25, 2023

We are incredibly grateful to our wonderful guide, Dan Cernaianu and his company Holiday to Romania, for the wide-ranging, vibrant travel program we experienced in Bucovina and Maramures. His vast knowledge enabled him to answer all our questions, and the itinerary was crafted in a way that allowed us to gain a comprehensive understanding of both the nation’s cultural and historic sites, as well as its current events and lifestyle. We were able to appreciate the gorgeous autumn views of the Carpathians up close as we took a ride on a logging train with a steam locomotive. During our few days spent with a Romanian family, we were welcomed warmly and gained a firsthand experience of the everyday life of Romanians, the traditional food, and the melodic music. We rate this trip and guide a solid five stars.

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