12 days
Bucharest, Bucovina, Maramures, Transylvania
Cultural Tour, Long Tour, Private Tour
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Embark on an unforgettable 12-day journey with the “Famous and Charming Romania” tour, a perfect blend of cultural exploration, historical discovery, and natural beauty. This private tour, spanning the picturesque regions of Bucovina, Maramures, and Transylvania, offers a deep dive into Romania’s rich heritage and breathtaking landscapes.

Starting from the vibrant capital, Bucharest, you will experience the city’s contrasting blend of history and modernity, including a visit to the colossal Palace of Parliament and the charming Old Town. As you traverse the scenic Olt River Valley, the medieval allure of Sibiu awaits, with its cobbled streets and iconic ‘Sibiu eyes.’ Marvel at the grandeur of Corvin Castle and the historical significance of Alba Iulia’s Vauban-style citadel, and explore the subterranean wonders of the Turda Salt Mine.

In Maramures, immerse yourself in a world where ancient traditions are alive, visiting UNESCO-listed wooden churches and enjoying home-hosted dinners showcasing local hospitality. Bucovina’s vividly painted monasteries, including the famous Voronet Monastery, reveal a tapestry of religious art and history.

Your adventure continues with a visit to Sighisoara’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, and the rustic charm of Saschiz and Viscri. Witness brown bears in their natural habitat at a wilderness bear observatory, adding an exciting wildlife dimension to your journey.

The tour culminates with a visit to the legendary Bran Castle, linked to the Dracula legend, and the architectural masterpiece of Peles Castle, before returning to Bucharest. Along the way, enjoy a mix of luxurious accommodations and authentic local stays, ensuring a comfortable and enriching experience.

Inclusions cover all accommodations, selected meals, transportation in a climate-controlled vehicle, a certified English-speaking guide, and entrance fees to all sites, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive exploration of Romania’s most famous landmarks and hidden gems. Exclusions include airfare, health insurance, and personal expenses.

This tour offers a unique cultural connection to Romania, blending history, tradition, and natural wonders, making it an ideal choice for travelers seeking an in-depth and personalized experience of this enchanting country.

The tour can be personalised according to your time and points of interest.

Itinerary: Bucharest Arrival – Bucharest City Tour – Olt Gorges – Sibiu Walking Tour – Corvin Castle – Turda Salt Mine – Cluj-Napoca Walking Tour – Wooden Churches of Maramures – Maramures Region Highlights & Folklore Show – Sapanta Merry Cemetery – Bucovina Exterior Painted Monasteries – Bicaz Gorges & Red Lake – Exclusive Gypsy Home Visit – Historic Center of Sighisoara – Saxon Villages with Fortified Churches in Transylvania – Wildness Bear Observatory – LiBearty Bear Sanctuary – Peles and Bran Castles – Bucharest Departure

DEPARTURE/RETURNDeparture from Bucharest (Henri Coanda International Airport) with the option for pickup from any other city upon request. Return transfer to Bucharest or the preferred city for departure.
TRANSPORTATIONComfortable and fully insured car or minivan equipped with climate control, ensuring a pleasant journey across varied landscapes.
TOURIST GUIDEA certified English-speaking tourist guide, knowledgeable in Romanian culture, history, and folklore, will accompany you throughout the tour. Guides speaking other languages are available upon request
12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and 2 on the Tentative ListSurdesti Wooden Church (Maramures Wooden Churches) – A masterpiece of Maramures wooden architecture, showcasing remarkable craftsmanship.

Budesti Wooden Church (Maramures Wooden Churches) – Renowned for its unique Gothic-style tower and rich historical significance.

Barsana Wooden Church (Maramures Wooden Churches) – Stands as a testament to the spiritual and artistic traditions of the Carpathian region.

Ieud Wooden Church (Maramures Wooden Churches) – Known as the ‘Birth Certificate of the Romanian language’ for housing one of the oldest documents in Romanian.

Voronet Painted Monastery (Bucovina Exterior Painted Monasteries) – Often called the “Sistine Chapel of the East,” famed for its stunning exterior frescoes in unique Voronet blue.

Moldovita Painted Monastery (Bucovina Exterior Painted Monasteries) – Admired for its well-preserved frescoes depicting biblical and historical scenes on its fortress-like walls.

Sucevita Painted Monastery (Bucovina Exterior Painted Monasteries) – Blends military architecture with intricate frescoes, embodying the resilience and artistry of Moldavian culture.

Humor Painted Monastery (Bucovina Exterior Painted Monasteries) – Noted for its distinct reddish-brown frescoes, which cover both its interior walls and exterior facades.

Historic Center of Sighisoara – A perfectly intact medieval citadel where history interweaves with the vibrant life of the town.

Biertan Fortified Church (Villages with Fortified Church in Transylvania) – One of the largest and most fortified churches in Transylvania, a symbol of Saxon ingenuity and endurance.

Saschiz Fortified Church (Villages with Fortified Church in Transylvania) – Not just a church but a bulwark against invaders, complete with a striking clock tower.

Viscri Fortified Church (Villages with Fortified Church in Transylvania) – Famous for its strong defensive structures and its role in preserving the village’s community.

Historic Centre of Sibiu and its Ensemble of Squares (Tentative List for UNESCO World Heritage Sites) – A marvel of urban continuity and architectural coherence.

Historic Town of Alba Iulia (Tentative List for UNESCO World Heritage Sites) – A site of great historical significance for its role in Romania’s unification.


  • Customized Exploration: Embrace the flexibility to tailor the tour according to your preferences. Whether altering the route, duration, or specific features, the tour is adapted to suit your unique interests and style.
  • Diverse Destinations: Experience a dynamic itinerary with no more than two days in the same location, ensuring a varied and comprehensive exploration of Romania’s rich landscapes and cultural heritage.
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Journey through 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites across Transylvania, Maramures, and Bucovina, along with two additional sites on the Tentative List. This includes the medieval citadel of Sighisoara, the wooden churches of Maramures, and the vibrant painted monasteries of Bucovina.
  • Expert Guided Insights: Benefit from the knowledge and expertise of Romania’s top-rated licensed tourist guides, known for their excellent reviews and deep understanding of the country’s history and culture.
  • Cultural Immersion with Local Communities: Engage with diverse communities, including a unique opportunity to meet the Roma people in their own setting in Transylvania. Discover their culture, craftsmanship, and lifestyle.
  • Authentic Culinary Experiences: Indulge in traditional Romanian specialties from three major regions. Enjoy authentic local dining experiences in traditional homes in Maramures and Transylvania, and taste traditional Bucovina lunches, immersing yourself in the regional flavors and culinary traditions.
  • Local Interactions and Daily Life: Experience the daily life and traditions in remote Saxon villages of Transylvania and Maramures. Interact with locals in traditional markets and through home-hosted experiences, providing a genuine insight into Romanian rural life.
  • Artisan Encounters: Meet local artisans, including woodcarvers, icon designers, blacksmiths, potters, and egg painters. Learn about their crafts and the role these arts play in Romanian cultural identity.
  • Accommodations with Character: Stay in centrally located hotels full of local character, as well as enjoy two unique local home stays in Maramures and Transylvania, offering a blend of comfort and authentic experience.
  • Comprehensive Bucharest City Tour: Explore Romania’s capital with a comprehensive city tour, including visits to the imposing Palace of Parliament and the historical residence of the Ceausescu family, delving into the nation’s communist past.
  • Wildlife and Nature: Witness Romania’s wildlife at a bear sanctuary and a thrilling bear observatory, offering unique opportunities to see these majestic creatures in their natural habitats.
  • Scenic Drives and Historical Insights: Travel through scenic routes like the Transfagarasan Highway and explore historical sites such as Bran Castle and Peles Castle, each narrating a different chapter of Romania’s rich history.
DEPARTURE/RETURNDeparture from Bucharest (Henri Coanda International Airport) with the option for pickup from any other city upon request. Return transfer to Bucharest or the preferred city for departure.
TRANSPORTATIONComfortable and fully insured car or minivan equipped with climate control, ensuring a pleasant journey across varied landscapes.
TOURIST GUIDEA certified English-speaking tourist guide, knowledgeable in Romanian culture, history, and folklore, will accompany you throughout the tour. Guides speaking other languages are available upon request.
9 nights at centrally located hotels2 nights home stay in Maramures (this can be changed to a hotel if desired)
Natural, authentic and local culinary experiencesBreakfast every day
One traditional Transylvanian lunchTwo home hosted dinners in Maramures
One traditional Bucovina lunchExclusive organic smoked bacon tasting with lunch
Entrance fees to museums and sites included as per itineraryPrivate airport transfers on arrival and departure
Fuel, parking fees and local taxes includedBlacksmith demonstration
Exclusive traditional horse carriage tripExclusive Romanian folklore show
Guided tours at all sitesBucharest City Tour
Certified English-Speaker tourist guide specialized in Romanian culture and historyExclusive visit and interaction with a Gypsy family in their own home
Detailed map of RomaniaBottled water bottles in the car
Friendly talks with the guide about Vlad the Impaler – Dracula; Ceausescu and His Times and the Gypsies and Their Journey
Airplane tickets and health insuranceSouvenirs
Alcoholic beveragesHotel extras (telephone, mini bar, etc)
Meals, other than those included in the itineraryGratuities of any kind
Photo/video fees at sites and museums


Day 1: Bucharest Arrival

Upon your arrival at Henri Coandă International Airport in Bucharest, a warm and personalized welcome awaits you. Your private driver will be ready to greet you, ensuring a seamless transfer to your centrally located hotel.
As you settle in, the vibrant atmosphere of Bucharest invites you to begin exploring. The capital city, known for its eclectic architecture and rich history, offers a plethora of sights and sounds that make for an ideal introduction to Romania.


Day 2: Bucharest City Tour with Parliament Palace and Ceausescu Residence & 80s communist apartment – Bucharest Old Town

Awakening to the vibrant rhythms of Bucharest, you’ll enjoy a leisurely breakfast at your hotel. Following this, your certified English-speaking tourist guide will join you, ready to introduce you to the iconic landmarks and hidden gems of the city. The day kicks off with a visit to the imposing Palace of Parliament, one of the world’s largest and heaviest administrative buildings, which stands as a legacy of Romania’s communist era under Nicolae Ceausescu. Here, you’ll explore its lavishly decorated interiors and expansive marble halls, each telling stories of grandeur and excess.
Next, you’ll step back into the intimate history of Romania’s last communist leader at the Ceausescu Residence. This former presidential home offers a fascinating glimpse into the private life of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu, showcasing preserved decor and personal artifacts that reveal much about their lifestyle and regime.
The journey through time continues with a visit to a meticulously recreated 1980s communist apartment. This unique experience allows you to immerse yourself in the daily life of that era, featuring authentic decor, furniture, working appliances, and household accessories typical of the time. Historical and archive footage, along with local drinks and homemade snacks, will enrich your understanding of the period’s social and cultural context.
Concluding the day’s exploration, you will wander through Bucharest’s Old Town, a vibrant area brimming with history, architecture, and bustling cafes. This historic district allows you to witness the architectural contrasts and cultural evolution of the city, making it the perfect end to a day full of discovery. The evening is yours to enjoy, perhaps indulging in local cuisine at one of the many charming restaurants or relaxing at a café, soaking up the unique atmosphere of Romania’s capital.


Day 3: Bucharest – Olt River Gorges – Cozia Monastery – Sibiu Walking Tour

As dawn breaks over Bucharest, your journey continues with a scenic drive towards the heart of Transylvania. After breakfast, you’ll depart the bustling capital and head towards the serene beauty of the Olt River Valley. This picturesque route offers stunning views of the river flanked by steep, forested hills, providing a peaceful transition from the urban landscape.
Your first stop is the Cozia Monastery, nestled on the banks of the Olt River. This architectural gem, founded in the 14th century by Mircea the Elder, is renowned for its well-preserved frescoes, including a striking Last Judgment scene from the late 17th century. The monastery’s historical significance and serene surroundings make it a spiritual sanctuary that has withstood the test of time.
Continuing your journey, you’ll arrive in Sibiu, one of Romania’s most culturally vibrant cities. Here, a walking tour awaits to guide you through its cobblestoned streets and grand squares. Sibiu, with its rich history as a major Saxon trade center, boasts an array of impressive landmarks such as the Brukenthal Palace, the Council Tower, and the Lutheran Cathedral with its imposing steeple. The city’s iconic ‘eyes of Sibiu,’ small attic windows resembling watchful eyes, add a unique character to the skyline, creating a charming atmosphere that invites curiosity and exploration.
The evening offers you leisure time to delve deeper into Sibiu’s lively cafe culture, explore its diverse culinary scene, or simply relax and absorb the ambiance of this enchanting Transylvanian city. This day not only brings the history and beauty of Romania closer but also allows you to connect deeply with the soul of Transylvania.
For those seeking a more immersive experience, an optional dinner in a nearby village can be arranged. This unique opportunity allows you to savor homemade dishes in a traditional setting, providing a deeper connection to Romanian culture and hospitality.
***An optional dinner in a nearby village can be arranged.
Summer Variation: The Transfagarasan Highway Adventure
During the summer months (July to November), your journey to Sibiu takes an adventurous turn with a drive on the spectacular Transfagarasan Highway. Hailed as “the best road in the world” by Top Gear, this route offers an unforgettable experience with its stunning mountain vistas and serpentine paths. As you ascend to Balea Lake, situated at 2,034 meters, the breathtaking landscapes of Romania unfold before you.
A stop at the Poenari Citadel, the real stronghold of Vlad the Impaler, adds a historical dimension to your journey. Perched high on a cliff, the citadel’s ruins offer not only a glimpse into the past but also panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.
This day is a symphony of history, nature, and culture, seamlessly blending the past with the present and providing a comprehensive experience of Romania’s diverse beauty.


Day 4: Corvin Castle – Alba Iulia Citadel – Turda Salt Mine – Cluj-Napoca

As the morning light filters through your window in Sibiu, prepare for another day rich in history and architectural splendor. After breakfast, your guide will lead you on a short drive to the majestic Corvin Castle, a Gothic-Renaissance fortress that is one of the largest castles in Europe. With its fairy-tale turrets and formidable drawbridges, Corvin Castle offers a glimpse into the medieval past of Hungary’s Hunyadi family. The interior is a treasure trove of medieval art and furniture, adding depth to your exploration as you wander through grand halls and secret passageways.
The journey continues to Alba Iulia, a city of significant historical importance in Romania. Here, you’ll visit the Alba Carolina Citadel, a star-shaped fortress exemplary of Vauban military architecture. This site is pivotal in Romanian history, being the place where the Union of Transylvania with Romania was declared in 1918. As you stroll through the citadel’s gates and ramparts, the rich history of Romania’s fight for unity and independence comes alive.
Next, you’ll descend into the depths of the Turda Salt Mine, an astonishing subterranean marvel that dates back to the Middle Ages. This mine has been transformed into an underground theme park with a Ferris wheel, mini-golf, and a boating lake, all beneath the Earth’s surface. The echo of history meshes with the thrill of modern leisure activities in this unique setting.
Concluding the day, you’ll arrive in Cluj-Napoca, the unofficial capital of the Transylvania region. Here, you’ll check into your hotel and have the evening at your disposal. Cluj-Napoca is known for its vibrant artistic community, diverse culinary scene, and bustling nightlife. Whether you choose to relax at a local café, enjoy a meal at one of the city’s renowned restaurants, or simply take a leisurely evening stroll through its lively streets, Cluj-Napoca offers the perfect backdrop to reflect on a day filled with profound historical insights and breathtaking sights.


Day 5: Cluj Napoca Walking Tour – Organic Smoked Bacon Tasting with Home-made Lunch – Surdesti & Budesti Wooden Churches – Home Hosted Dinner in Maramures

Begin your day in Cluj-Napoca, the cultural heart of Transylvania, with a delightful breakfast at your hotel. Today’s exploration starts right in the heart of this vibrant city, renowned for its universities, bustling arts scene, and historical landmarks. Your guide will take you on an immersive walking tour through the city center, highlighting the beautiful architecture that ranges from gothic cathedrals to baroque buildings and modernist designs. Highlights include the St. Michael’s Church, one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in Romania, and the Banffy Palace, now home to the National Art Museum.
After soaking in the urban charms of Cluj-Napoca, the journey leads you north to a more rustic and authentic experience. You’ll travel through the picturesque landscapes of northern Transylvania to a traditional village where a unique culinary experience awaits. Here, you’ll participate in an exclusive organic smoked bacon tasting session. This hands-on visit not only allows you to savor the rich flavors of locally produced bacon and cheeses but also provides insight into the traditional methods of food preparation that have been passed down through generations.
Following this delightful tasting, continue your cultural immersion with a visit to the Wooden Churches of Surdesti and Budesti, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These churches are celebrated for their distinctive tall, narrow architecture and beautifully detailed wooden carvings, which reflect the unique carpentry skills of the Maramures region.
Your day concludes with a heartwarming experience—a home-hosted dinner in Maramures. This intimate setting allows you to engage with local hosts and share stories over traditional dishes, providing a deep dive into the local customs and familial traditions of the region. This authentic encounter not only offers a taste of rural Romanian hospitality but also enriches your understanding of the cultural tapestry that makes this area so special.


Day 6: Exclusive Walking Tour – Sighetu Marmatiei Communism Memorial – Sapanta Merry Cemetery – Sapanta Peri Monastery – Dinner with Folklore Show

Start your day with a leisurely breakfast before embarking on an exclusive walking tour in the heart of Maramures, a region renowned for preserving its traditional way of life and cultural heritage. Your guide will lead you through the village, showcasing the remarkable wooden architecture and the colorful gardens maintained by the locals. This tour not only highlights the architectural beauty but also offers an insight into the daily activities and traditions that have been preserved over centuries.
Next, you will visit Sighetu Marmatiei, a town steeped in history and emotion. Here, at the Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance, you’ll have a moving experience as you explore the cells and exhibitions that recount the harsh realities faced by political prisoners during the communist regime. This visit offers a profound understanding of Romania’s recent past and the resilience of its people.
The journey continues to the vibrant Sapanta Merry Cemetery, famous for its colorful tombstones with naïve paintings depicting scenes from the deceased’s life and often humorous epitaphs that celebrate their stories. This unique cemetery reflects the local culture’s perspective on death, emphasizing remembrance with joy rather than sorrow.
Nearby, you’ll visit the Sapanta Peri Monastery, which boasts the tallest wooden church in the world. The monastery is a testament to the skilled craftsmanship of Maramures and offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside.
Conclude your day with a special treat—a dinner accompanied by a traditional Maramures folklore show. This evening is filled with vibrant music and dance, providing a lively and authentic cultural experience. The performance, featuring local artists in traditional attire, illustrates the rich cultural fabric of the region and makes for an unforgettable evening.


Day 7: Barsana & Ieud Wooden Churches – Woman Museum– Egg Painting Museum – Bucovina

Begin another enriching day with a visit to the Barsana and Ieud Wooden Churches, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These churches are masterpieces of Maramures wooden architecture, showcasing intricate carvings and historical frescoes that tell stories of faith and community. The Barsana Church, set within a serene monastery complex, is surrounded by lush gardens and traditional wooden gates, offering a peaceful retreat into spiritual heritage.
Following this, delve into the cultural narratives of the region at the Woman Museum. This unique museum celebrates the roles and contributions of women in rural Romania, displaying traditional costumes, textiles, and household artifacts that reflect the everyday life and artistic expressions of local women.
After immersing yourself in these vibrant cultural experiences, journey onwards to Bucovina, a region famous for its painted monasteries. The scenic drive through the Romanian countryside transitions you from the wooden architecture of Maramures to the frescoed sanctuaries of Bucovina, preparing you for another chapter of architectural and artistic wonder.
Continue your cultural exploration at the Egg Painting Museum. Here, you will discover the delicate art of egg painting, a cherished Easter tradition in Romania. The museum exhibits a colorful array of intricately decorated eggs, each a small canvas displaying symbols and patterns that carry meanings rooted in local folklore and Christian symbolism.
After immersing yourself in these vibrant cultural experiences, journey onwards to Bucovina, a region famous for its painted monasteries. The scenic drive through the Romanian countryside transitions you from the wooden architecture of Maramures to the frescoed sanctuaries of Bucovina, preparing you for another chapter of architectural and artistic wonder.
Upon arrival in Bucovina, settle into your accommodation and take the evening to relax and reflect on the rich tapestry of culture and history experienced throughout the day. The peaceful surroundings of Bucovina offer a perfect backdrop for contemplation and appreciation of Romania’s diverse heritage.


Day 8: Folk Traditions Museum of Bucovina – Bucovina Painted Monasteries (UNESCO World Heritage Sites) & Traditional Lunch – Black Pottery Workshop

Start your day with a visit to the Folk Museum, where you’ll dive deep into the rural traditions and crafts of Romania. The museum houses a collection of folkloric artifacts, traditional costumes, and everyday household items, each telling a story of the region’s rich cultural past.
Next, journey to the Voronet Painted Monastery, famed for its stunning frescoes in an intense shade of blue known as ‘Voronet Blue.’ This 15th-century gem is often called the “Sistine Chapel of the East” due to its beautifully preserved biblical scenes that adorn its exterior walls.
Continue to the Moldovita Monastery, where vibrant frescoes under blue skies depict intricate biblical stories, including the Siege of Constantinople. These visual narratives not only enchant visitors but also provide insight into the theological and cultural perspectives of the time.
For lunch, indulge in traditional Romanian cuisine at a local restaurant. Enjoy dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients, offering flavors that are both hearty and deeply tied to the land.
After lunch, visit the Sucevita Monastery, another architectural marvel, which blends defensive structures with the spiritual elegance of its frescoes, creating a fortress-like appearance. Its walls are covered in vivid paintings that make it an unforgettable sight.
Next, engage in a hands-on experience at a black pottery workshop. This unique craft, specific to the region, involves a technique where the pottery is fired in the absence of oxygen, resulting in a distinctive glossy black finish. Learn about the process and maybe even try your hand at shaping your own creation.
Conclude your day at the Humor Painted Monastery, smaller but equally captivating with its frescoes that beautifully narrate both religious and local tales. The monastery’s setting, amidst the rolling hills of Bucovina, offers a perfect end to a day filled with art, history, and cultural immersion. Return to your accommodation with a deeper appreciation of Romania’s artistic heritage and the serene beauty of its monastic sites.


Day 9: Neamt Citadel – Bicaz Gorges & Red Lake – Exclusive Gypsy Home Visit – Sighisoara

Begin your journey today with a visit to the historic Neamt Citadel, a stronghold perched high on a rocky hillside. This medieval fortress offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes and serves as a testament to Moldavia’s strategic military history. Explore its robust walls and towers, gaining insights into the battles and historical events that took place here.
From there, travel through the breathtaking Bicaz Gorges. This dramatic pass, carved through the mountains by the Bicaz River, provides some of the most spectacular scenery in Romania. The steep rock walls and verdant slopes make for stunning photo opportunities. Continue to Red Lake, a natural dam lake at the foot of the Hasmas Mountains. Its name derives from the reddish alluvium deposited in the lake by the Red Creek. The lake is particularly known for the stumps of fir trees that emerge from the water, creating a hauntingly beautiful landscape.
In the afternoon, experience the unique culture of the Roma community with an exclusive visit to a Gypsy home. This immersive encounter allows you to learn about their traditions, craftsmanship, and way of life, providing a rare glimpse into a often misunderstood and fascinating culture.
Conclude your day in the enchanting medieval town of Sighisoara, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Known as the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, who inspired the Dracula legend, Sighisoara’s cobblestone streets and colorful buildings offer a step back in time.
***Optional: Transylvanian palinka tasting in a 500-year old cellar in Sighisoara


Day 10: Sighisoara Walking Tour – Saxon Village of Saschiz & Viscri with the Fortified Churches – Exclusive Viscri Village Tour & Traditional Lunch – Wildness Bear Observatory – Brasov

Your day starts with a captivating walking tour of Sighisoara, where history seeps from every cobblestone. Wander through the well-preserved medieval streets to see landmarks like the striking Clock Tower, the Church on the Hill, and the house where Vlad the Impaler, said to be the inspiration for Dracula, was born. The vibrant pastel-colored buildings and the timeless atmosphere of this citadel offer a picturesque journey into the past.
After exploring Sighisoara, journey to the tranquil Saxon village of Saschiz, celebrated for its imposing fortified church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Admire the robust towers and defensive walls that have safeguarded the village since the 13th century. The church stands as a symbol of the Saxon heritage that shaped much of Transylvania’s history.
Next, your adventure continues to Viscri, a village that has captured the heart of many, including Prince Charles, due to its rustic charm and preservation efforts. In Viscri, you’ll engage in an exclusive village tour conducted in a traditional horse cart, providing a leisurely pace to soak in the rural landscapes and historic architecture. Visit the blacksmith’s workshop to witness the enduring craft and explore the fortified church, which anchors the community both spiritually and culturally.
For lunch, savor a traditional meal prepared with locally sourced ingredients in a Viscri family home, offering you flavors that are both hearty and rooted in centuries-old culinary traditions.
In the afternoon, head to the Wildness Bear Observatory, an ethical wildlife viewing station near Brasov. Here, you have the opportunity to observe brown bears in their natural habitat from a safe distance, providing a thrilling and respectful wildlife experience.
End your day by traveling to Brasov, a city that perfectly blends its medieval past with modern Romanian culture. Upon arrival, check into your hotel and perhaps take an evening stroll through the historic center, preparing for more exploration tomorrow.


Day 11: Bear Sanctuary – Bran Castle – Brasov Walking Tour

Begin your day with an inspiring visit to the Bear Sanctuary, where over 100 rescued bears roam freely in large, forested enclosures. This sanctuary serves as a haven for bears rescued from captivity, providing a natural and safe environment for them to live out their lives. Learn about the stories of these majestic creatures and the efforts to protect them, while enjoying the tranquil surroundings and panoramic views of the Carpathian Mountains.
From the sanctuary, journey to the iconic Bran Castle, often associated with the Dracula legend. This striking fortress perched on a high rock, invites you to discover its winding staircases, secret passages, and the intriguing history that links it to Vlad the Impaler. Explore the castle’s many rooms and learn about its role in protecting the region from invaders, as well as its more recent role as a royal residence.
After the castle visit, head to Brasov, one of Transylvania’s most notable cities, where a walking tour awaits you. Stroll through the medieval streets of the Old Town to admire the Gothic-style Black Church, the largest of its kind in Eastern Europe, and explore the bustling Council Square, lined with colorful baroque buildings and lively cafes. Wander down Rope Street, one of the narrowest streets in Europe, and see the old city walls and watchtowers that once protected this historic merchant town.
As the day comes to a close, you’ll have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the evening at your leisure. The pedestrian area of Brasov’s Old Town, where your hotel is located, is brimming with charming restaurants and cafes, offering a plethora of dining options. To further enrich your experience, an optional dinner in a nearby village can be arranged, providing a chance to savor traditional Romanian cuisine and engage with the local community.
***An optional dinner in a nearby village can be arranged.


Day 12: Peles Castle – Bucharest Departure

Conclude your enchanting Romanian journey with a visit to the splendid Peles Castle, nestled in the scenic town of Sinaia. This architectural marvel, once the summer residence of Romanian royalty, is renowned for its exquisite Neo-Renaissance design and intricate interiors. As you tour the castle, marvel at the elaborately decorated rooms, each reflecting a different cultural influence, and the extensive collection of art, armor, and rare books. The meticulously landscaped gardens offer a peaceful stroll, providing a fitting backdrop to the castle’s grandeur.
After exploring Peles Castle, your journey takes you back to Bucharest. Depending on your flight schedule, enjoy a brief tour of the city’s notable landmarks or some last-minute shopping to gather souvenirs. Reflect on the rich tapestry of experiences you’ve gathered as your guide escorts you to Henri Coanda International Airport for your departure, marking the end of a memorable exploration of Romania’s historical treasures and cultural heritage.
NOTE: The tour is further customizable.

Famous and Charming Romania Tour Map

Traditional Romanian welcome dinner with Folklore Show

In the evening, you can opt to serve a traditional dinner at a local restaurant with an idyllic view, situated on the lakeshore in Bucharest’s most famous park, the Herastrau or Michael I Park. Here, you will enjoy a three-course meal dinner with wine included, and you will get a chance to discover the traditional Romanian folklore costumes while enjoying the dances of the local performers. The entire show displays authentic Romanian traditions and customs, from the sewn details on the white outfits of the dancers to the delighting music played by the local artists.

Three-hour trip in Ukraine, to Solotvina and Nyzhnya Apsha

After Sapanta Peri Monastery visit, you can choose to visit the Ukrainian Maramures with a visit to Solotvina, which is the Ukrainian part of the Romanian town. And you will have the chance to visit Nyzhnya Apsha village. This region was in Transylvania until 1920.

Two day Black Sea & Danube Delta Extension with Danube Delta Private Cruise accompanied by certified skipper


Extra Day 1: Bucharest – Constanta Walking Tour – Histria Fortress – Tulcea

Begin your extension tour of the Black Sea and Danube Delta with an early morning departure to the Black Sea Coast, to Constanta – the largest seaport on the Black Sea. A city that was established in the 4th century BC as a Greek colony. The drive from Bucharest will take approximately three hours, crossing the Danube into the region of Dobrogea and driving along the famous Danube-Black Sea Canal. The city tour of Constanta will take you to the Secession-style Casino and the Genoese Lighthouse. In the National Museum of Archaeology, you will see the fabulous Glykon Serpent and the wonderfully restored Roman Mosaic – one of the largest in this part of Europe. In the afternoon drive to Mamaia – Romania’s largest sea resort, established by King Carol I of Romania in the second half of the 19th century and then continue north to the ruins of the ancient town of Histria. In the early evening arrive at Tulcea located right at the entrance to the Danube Delta. Hotel check-in. Dinner on your own.

Extra Day 2: Danube Delta Private Cruise with Lunch – Bucharest Airport

After the early breakfast, you will explore, in your private boat the youngest territory in the world, the Danube Delta started to form just 10,000 years ago and is still in the process of formation. On your exclusively cruise you will have the chance to admire the Danube’s scenic beauty and wildlife – it is known as the birdwatcher’s paradise, so simply relax while browsing through the narrow channels. A fauna specialist tour guide and skipper, who knows all the channels, will lead your tour. A great opportunity for you to watch birds and to admire nature. The Delta cuisine is certain to provide an interesting lunch experience, the lunch will be served on the ship.
After the tour, we will drive back to Henri Coanda International Airport for your afternoon return flight.

Three day Republic of Moldavia Extension with Tiraspol Tour


Extra Day 1: Bucovina – Iasi City Tour – Soroca

We will begin the three-day extension with the tour of Iasi city, the unofficial capital of the Moldavian region of Romania, where we will explore the Palace of Culture, the once gold-plated Church of the Three Hierarchs, Golia Monastery and the Neoclassical National Theatre. After this incursion, we will cross the Prut River in the Republic of Moldavia, outside of the European Union. On the route enjoy the countryside to Soroca, the town that hosts the greatest and most impressive fortress in the Republic of Moldavia. Before reaching the hotel we will visit a different part of Soroca town, named the Gypsy Hill, where the Gypsy community built a neighbourhood of palaces. After this hotel check in and have dinner on your own.

Extra Day 2: Soroca Fortress – Old Orhei with Traditional Lunch – Cricova Wine Cellars – Chisinau City Tour

After the breakfast, we will start the day with a visit to one of the best well-preserved fortresses of Europe, established by the Moldavian Prince Stephen the Great in 1499.
Next, we travel south, stopping at the outstanding cave monastery of Old Orhei, which organically combines the natural landscape and vestiges of ancient civilizations. A homemade lunch will be served in the village with the same name.
In the afternoon, you head to Cricova, where you will visit the largest wine cellar in the world and where you will enjoy some of the best Moldavian wines. The winery Cricova was founded in 1952 and it is one of the few wineries which produce sparkling wine using the Champagne Method. Before reaching the hotel, we will visit the capital city of the Republic of Moldavia, which is one of the greenest city in Europe. The tour will reveal the Arch of Triumph, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Chisinau with the Belfry Tower and the Parliament of Moldavia. To have a sweet evening we will have a short stop at the famous “Bucuria” shop, which is the greatest enterprise specialising in the production of candies. The rest of the evening is at your leisure.


Extra Day 3: Bender Fortress – Tiraspol Tour – Bucovina

The last day in the Republic of Moldavia will be an incursion in the unrecognized Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (Transnistria). It officially belongs to Moldova and is its second-largest city.
First, we will visit Bender Fortress, which was built in one of the most powerful of the medieval cities of Moldavia – Tighina, which was an important trade outpost. Later we will cross Dnister in Transnistria, where you will understand why this is the world’s last Soviet republic in fact.
In Tiraspol, we will visit Suvorov Plaza & Monument, Memorial of the WW2 and Afghanistan war, Lenin statue and more.
After the walking tour in Tiraspol, we will go back to Bucovina, crossing back Prut River in Romania.
Famous and Charming Romania by Holiday to Romania
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Biertan Fortified Church by Holiday to Romania

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Kate R.
October 16, 2017

Holiday to Romania was awesome! I learned so much from our guide, Daniel and I would highly recommend him as your guide if you travel to Romania. If I had arranged the visit to Transylvania on my own without a travel guide, I would have regretted it. Daniel was informative and very welcoming. Request him — he is great and this company is fantastic! I will look them up if I plan to return to Romania in the future!

Alex W.
April 15, 2018

We had a wonderful visit to Romania. Dan was a very knowledgeable and entertaining guided. I would recommend anyone traveling to Romania in general to get in touch with Holiday to Romania.

Debra U.
June 19, 2018

Holiday to Romania organized our trip to Romania. They provided a wonderful tour guide named Alex and a very spacious van for our 11 day tour. During our trip we visited beautiful Gothic Fortified Churches, Medieval Castles, Traditional Villages, The People Parliament, museums, the countryside, and much more. Everyday we visited at least three sights. Every sight had something interesting or beautiful to see. Holiday to Romania’s program to travel the country is perfect. You are able to experience the country because you see so much. Yet, at the end you are left with the feeling of wanting to see more. My husband who booked the tour was in continuous contact with Dan. He was always very accessible and keen to making sure that we were happy. His choice of accommodations were great because we were able to stay in very nice hotels, and with Romanian run lodging homes. In these homes we were able to interact with the family and eat homemade Romanian meals. Both Dan and our guide speak English perfectly. Alex’s personality is great. He never said, no. I have 2,000 pictures in Romania almost all taken by Alex. Plus, another 1,000 he took on my husbands Iphone. A very safe driver. Just an around nice person. I am glad Dan chose Alex as our guide because he made us feel like family.
If you are looking for quality service, a comprehensive and diverse tour, and a beautiful country with history, architecture, art, mountains, a beautiful countryside, great food and another secret – great wine…you must visit Romania and put Holiday to Romania to organize it. Thank you Holiday to Romania for an unforgettable vacation!

Lisa G.
September 24, 2023

Every detail was taken care of for our custom tour of western Romania. We can’t recommend Holiday to Romania enough! Our itinerary was well organized and curated to our specific interests. We requested a very authentic tour to experience how real Romanians live. We could not be happier.

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