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Bucharest, Transylvania, Wallachia
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Embark on a journey through the stunning landscapes of Romania, tracing the footsteps of the legendary Vlad the Impaler, better known as Dracula. This tour takes you through the heart of the country, from the ruins of the Targoviste Royal Court to the iconic Corvin Castle, with stops at breathtaking mountain peaks, medieval citadels, and ancient salt mines along the way.
Over the course of eight days, you’ll explore some of Romania’s most significant historical and cultural landmarks, including the Poenari Citadel, the real castle of Vlad the Impaler, and the Cozia Monastery, home to stunning frescoes and centuries of history. You’ll also visit Alba Iulia Citadel, where the document of Unification of Transylvania with the Kingdom of Romania was signed, and the Turda Salt Mine, an ancient subterranean complex transformed into a modern tourist attraction.
As you travel through the charming cities and idyllic countryside, your expert guide will share tales of Dracula’s legacy, painting a vivid picture of the prince’s life, battles, and infamous cruelty. You’ll also have the chance to indulge in traditional Transylvanian cuisine, sample local wines, and immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of one of Europe’s most fascinating countries.
This is a journey that will take you back in time, through a land of myths, legends, and breathtaking beauty, where the spirit of Dracula still lingers in every corner. Come and discover the secrets of Dracula’s Trail for yourself!
The tour can be personalised according to your time and points of interest.

Itinerary: Bucharest Tour – Royal Court of Targoviste – Poenari Fortress – Sibiu Walking Tour – Corvin Castle – Alba Iulia Citadel – Turda Salt Mine – Organic Smoked Bacon Tasting – Bistrita Walking Tour – Jonathan Harker Story and Hotel Castle Dracula – Exclusive Gypsy Home Visit – Sighisoara Walking Tour – Saschiz Fortified Church – Bran Castle – Brasov Walking Tour – Peles Castle – Snagov Island

TRANSPORTATION Fully insured car/minivan with climate control
TOURIST GUIDE Certified English-Speaker Tourist Guide (speakers of other languages at request)
2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and 2 on the Tentative List Historic Center of Sighisoara
Saschiz Fortified Church (Villages with Fortified Church in Transylvania)
Historic Centre of Sibiu and its Ensemble of Squares (Tentative List for UNESCO World Heritage Sites)
Historic Town of Alba Iulia (Tentative List for UNESCO World Heritage Sites)


  • Benefit of complete flexibility of having the tour tailored on your requirements, in terms of the route, the duration and the features of the tour;
  • No more than two days in the same location;
  • Enhance your experience through our choices of tours to match your particular interests and traveling style;
  • Enjoy the exceptional knowledge and expertise of Romania’s top rated licensed tourist guides with excellent reviews;
  • Take the unique chance of meeting Gypsies in their own community in Transylvania and discover their particular culture and see what good skills they have at crafts;
  • Enjoy 7 nights of accommodation at full of character, centrally located buildings;
  • Make the most of your tour experience through our exclusively designed tours with all admissions included and not just only guided walks;
  • Discover the truth behind the legend of Dracula and what is myth and what is reality;
  • Discover the capital city of Bucharest, on a comprehensive city tour including the guided tour in the Palace of the Parliament and in the former private residence of the Ceausescu family;
  • Visit the ruins of the Targoviste Royal Court, the seat of Vlad the Impaler’s power;
  • Enjoy stunning views and dive into the legend of the bloody Prince;
  • Visit the magnificent Corvin Castle in Hunedoara, one of the largest and most well-preserved medieval castles in Europe;
  • Visit the Turda Salt Mine, one of the oldest salt mines in the world;
  • Enjoy a vampire-inspired dinner, where you’ll enjoy traditional Transylvanian cuisine with a spooky twist.
DEPARTURE/RETURN Bucharest (it can be changed at your request)
TRANSPORTATION Fully insured car/minivan with climate control
TOURIST GUIDE Certified English-Speaker Tourist Guide (speakers of other languages at request)
7 nights at three and four star hotels, all centrally located Breakfast every day
Natural, authentic and local culinary experiences Exclusive organic smoked bacon tasting with lunch
Two thematic dinners Jonathan Harker Story
Private airport transfers on arrival and departure Entrance fees to museums and sites included as per itinerary
Fuel, parking fees and local taxes included Snagov Lake & Island Tour
Bucharest City Tour Guided tours at all sites
Certified English-Speaker tourist guide specialized in Romanian culture and history Exclusive visit and interaction with a Gypsy family in their own home
Detailed map of Romania Still/Sparkling water bottles in the car
Friendly talks with the guide about Vlad the Impaler – Dracula; Ceausescu and His Times and the Gypsies and Their Journey
Airplane tickets and health insurance Souvenirs
Alcoholic beverages Hotel extras (telephone, mini bar, etc)
Meals, other than those included in the itinerary Gratuities of any kind
Photo/video fees at sites and museums


Day 1: Bucharest Arrival

On the first day of the Dracula’s Trail tour, you will arrive at the Henri Coanda International Airport in Bucharest, where you will be warmly welcomed by your driver. From there, you will be taken to your luxurious 4-star hotel in the heart of Bucharest, where you will have the rest of the day to explore this fascinating city on your own.
Bucharest is the capital city of Romania, and it’s a vibrant and bustling metropolis with a rich history, stunning architecture, and lively cultural scene.

Day 2: Bucharest City Tour with Parliament Palace and Ceausescu Residence – Royal Court

On the second day of the Dracula’s Trail tour, you’ll explore the vibrant city of Bucharest with your knowledgeable guide. Your day will start with a visit to the Village Museum, one of the most impressive open-air museums in Europe. Here, you’ll discover original peasant households from all parts of Romania, giving you a glimpse into traditional Romanian life.
Next, you’ll visit one of the most iconic landmarks in Bucharest – the Palace of Parliament. This imposing building is the world’s largest administrative building and was built during the communist era under the leadership of Nicolae Ceausescu. You’ll have the opportunity to marvel at its impressive architecture and learn about its fascinating history.
After your visit to the Palace of Parliament, you’ll enjoy a panoramic tour of the city, taking in its main landmarks such as Victory Square and Avenue, the Royal Palace, and Revolution Square. You’ll also make a stop at the beautiful Romanian Athenaeum, a concert hall built in the neoclassical style.
Next, you’ll visit the former residence of Ceausescu, the last communist leader of Romania.
In the late afternoon, you’ll visit Bucharest’s Old Town, home to the ruins of the Old Princely Court, which is said to be Dracula’s residence. You’ll take a sightseeing tour of this historic part of the city, filled with lively cafes and street food vendors, and see why Bucharest is known as “The Little Paris”. The rest of the evening is yours to enjoy at your leisure.

Day 3: Targoviste Royal Court – Poenari Citadel – Cozia Monastery – Sibiu Walking Tour

Our first stop is Targoviste, the former capital of Wallachia during the reign of Vlad the Impaler, also known as Dracula. Here, we’ll explore the ruins of the Targoviste Royal Court, the seat of Vlad’s power, and climb up to Chindia Tower, a symbol of the Princely Court that was built by Vlad himself.
From Targoviste, we’ll drive to Poenari Citadel, the real castle of Vlad the Impaler. Located on a remote peak on the cliffs of the Fagaras Mountains, Poenari Fortress is almost inaccessible, but it’s worth the climb up the stairs to see the stunning views and dive into the legend of the bloody Prince. You’ll feel the chills running down your spine as you imagine the battles fought here and the stories of Vlad’s cruelty.
After exploring Poenari Citadel, we’ll cross the mountains into Transylvania and make a stop at the magnificent 14th-century Cozia Monastery. Built by King Mircea the Elder, the monastery is famous for its stunning Last Judgment fresco from the late 17th century, as well as its rich history and beautiful architecture.
Finally, we’ll arrive in Sibiu, one of the most charming and best-preserved medieval cities in Europe. Here, we’ll take a leisurely walking tour of the Old Town, starting with the Great and Lesser Squares, iconic landmarks of the city surrounded by merchant houses with the famous Sibiu eyes. Next, we’ll visit the Evangelical Cathedral, completed in its actual shape in 1520, and the death place of a son of Vlad the Impaler. As we walk through the cobblestone streets and alleys, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time and immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Transylvania.
NOTE: During summertime (July to November), the trip to Cozia Monastery will be replaced with a thrilling road trip on the Transfagarasan Highway, named “the best road in the world” by the television show Top Gear. Enjoy stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys as we cross the second-highest road in Romania, reaching as high as 2,034 meters at Balea Lake.

Day 4: Corvin Castle – Alba Iulia Citadel – Turda Salt Mine – Turda with Dinner

After a delicious breakfast at your hotel, your tour guide will lead you to your first destination: the magnificent Corvin Castle in Hunedoara.
Corvin Castle is one of the largest and most well-preserved medieval castles in Europe. Its impressive drawbridge, beautiful interior courtyard, and exceptional defensive structure make it an incredible sight to behold. Legend has it that the castle was the place where Vlad the Impaler was imprisoned for a while, and stories of ghosts haunting the castle still circulate today.
Your next stop is the historic town of Alba Iulia, famous for its Vauban-style citadel. Alba Iulia’s citadel is a testament to the rich history of Romania, from ancient times to the present day. It played a crucial role in Romania’s history, as it was here that the document of Unification of Transylvania with the Kingdom of Romania was signed on December 1, 1918.
After exploring Alba Iulia, you’ll continue on to the Turda Salt Mine, one of the oldest salt mines in the world, dating back to the 13th century. This enormous underground space was also used as a bomb shelter during World War II and even as a cheese storage center. Today, it has been transformed into a modern tourist attraction, featuring underground lakes, light shows, and even an underground Ferris wheel. The mine’s natural acoustics also make it a popular venue for concerts and other cultural events.
Your evening will be spent in Turda, where you’ll stay at a luxurious four-star hotel. The hotel’s restaurant will serve a delicious, vampire-inspired dinner, where you’ll enjoy traditional Transylvanian cuisine with a spooky twist.

Day 5: Cluj-Napoca Walking Tour - Organic Smoked Bacon Tasting with Home-made Lunch – Bistrita and the Jonathan Harker Story

After breakfast at your hotel, we’ll explore Cluj-Napoca on a walking tour that takes in the stunning St Michael’s Cathedral, the Fellner & Helmer Opera House, and the historic City Hall and Old Center.
From there, we’ll venture north to a traditional 20th century village where you’ll have the opportunity to taste delicious home-made smoked bacon and cheese. You’ll also see how the bacon is made and enjoy a home-made lunch, all while attending a short lecture on the history of Dracula and Jonathan Harker’s trip through Transylvania.
Next, we’ll visit Bistrita, one of the seven fortified cities built by the Saxons, and take a short walking tour of the city center. Here, you’ll see the church with the tallest tower in Transylvania, the Coopers Tower, the Silversmith’s House, the Great Square, the Union Square, and the Orthodox Church. Follow in the footsteps of Jonathan Harker as you remember his diary notes in Bistrita and remake his journey to Dracula’s castle.
We’ll stay overnight in the historic Golden Crown hotel, where Jonathan Harker himself once dined. You’ll have the chance to experience the same atmosphere and enjoy a traditional dinner before retiring to your room to prepare for the next day’s adventure.

Day 6: Targu Mures Citadel – Exclusive Gypsy Home Visit – Sighisoara Walking Tour - Dinner in Dracula’s Restaurant

After a delicious breakfast at your hotel, you will depart from Bistrita and head towards Targu Mures Citadel, a stunning 15th century castle-fortress built at the order of Prince Stefan Bathory. The citadel was built around the Franciscan monastery and church and features square-shaped towers, typical of medieval military architecture. During your short walking tour of the citadel, you will have the chance to admire its impressive structure and learn more about its history and significance.
Next, you will visit an exclusive Gypsy home and gain insight into the culture, identity, and lifestyle of this fascinating yet often misunderstood ethnic group. You will have a unique opportunity to meet with local Gypsies and learn about their customs, traditions, and way of life.
In the afternoon, you will arrive in Sighisoara, the birthplace of Count Dracula and one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Europe. The town was settled by Saxons in the 13th century and is one of the few still-inhabited medieval fortresses in the world, protected by UNESCO. You will embark on a walking tour of the town, where you will visit the two squares of the Citadel, the Scholars’ Staircase, the Tinsmiths’ Tower, the House with Antler, and the Tower with Clock. You will also have the opportunity to visit the Clock Tower Museum, where you can learn more about the history of the town and its significance to the Dracula legend.
In the evening, you will enjoy dinner at Dracula’s restaurant, set in the very house where the Count was born. This atmospheric restaurant offers a unique dining experience, with eerie Gothic décor, candlelit tables, and a menu inspired by traditional Transylvanian cuisine.
After dinner, you will return to your hotel in the Upper Town and have the evening free to explore the town or relax in your accommodations. This is the perfect time to soak up the atmosphere of this enchanting medieval town and reflect on the fascinating history and legends you have encountered on your Dracula’s Trail tour so far.

Day 7: Sighisoara – Saxon Village of Saschiz with the Fortified Church – Bran Castle – Brasov Walking Tour

After breakfast, we will head south to Saschiz Village, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with an impressive clock tower and fortified church. This Late-Gothic fortified church is widely considered one of the most beautiful medieval monuments in Transylvania, making it the main tourist attraction of the village. During our visit, we will also treat our taste buds to an exclusive tasting of organic Transylvanian jams.
Next, we will continue our journey to the village of Bran, where you will visit the most famous castle in Eastern Europe – Dracula Castle. Explore the surroundings of Bran Castle that inspired Bram Stoker to set his vampire fiction in Transylvania. After the visit, you will have some free time for souvenir shopping.
The rest of the day will be spent in Brasov, one of the most important Saxon cities with a rich heritage, dating back to 1235. Learn about the history of the Brasov people, who were enemies of Vlad the Impaler. The walking tour will reveal the Old Town with its magnificent Black Church, the largest Gothic-style church in South-Eastern Europe, featuring a collection of over one hundred Muslim prayer rugs, Council Square, Catherine’s Gate, the Guild Towers, and the narrow Rope Street.
The final night of the tour will be spent in the lovely pedestrian area of the Old Town with its many restaurants and outdoor cafes. An optional dinner in a nearby village can be arranged if you wish to experience the local cuisine and drinks.
***An optional dinner in a nearby village can be arranged.

Day 8: Peles Castle – Snagov Monastery – Bucharest

Experience the grandeur of Romanian royalty on the final day of the Dracula’s Trail tour. After breakfast, we’ll take a scenic drive through Predeal, Romania’s highest town, and Sinaia, an unofficial capital of the Kingdom of Romania in the 19th century. Discover the architectural wonders of the famous Casino building and embark on a guided tour of the Peles Castle, one of the most stunning royal residences in Europe. Marvel at its exquisite decoration, and learn about its history as a stop for the Orient Express train.
After some free time, we’ll head to the mysterious Snagov Lake island, where legends suggest that Dracula was buried. Visit the Snagov Monastery and hear tales of the empty tomb.
Finally, we’ll drive you to Henri Coanda International Airport for your afternoon return flight, ending your unforgettable journey through Transylvania and the legends of Dracula.
NOTE: The tour is further customizable.

Follow Vlad the Third - Dracula Tour Map

Traditional Romanian welcome dinner with Folklore Show

In the evening, you can opt to serve a traditional dinner at a local restaurant with an idyllic view, situated on the lakeshore in Bucharest’s most famous park, the Herastrau or Michael I Park. Here, you will enjoy a three-course meal dinner with wine included, and you will get a chance to discover the traditional Romanian folklore costumes while enjoying the dances of the local performers. The entire show displays authentic Romanian traditions and customs, from the sewn details on the white outfits of the dancers to the delighting music played by the local artists.

Two day Black Sea & Danube Delta Extension with Danube Delta Private Cruise accompanied by certified skipper


Extra Day 1: Bucharest – Constanta Walking Tour – Histria Fortress – Tulcea

Begin your extension tour of the Black Sea and Danube Delta with an early morning departure to the Black Sea Coast, to Constanta – the largest seaport on the Black Sea, established in the 4th century BC as a Greek colony. The drive from Bucharest will take approximately three hours, crossing the Danube into the region of Dobrogea and driving along the famous Danube-Black Sea Canal. The city tour of Constanta will take you to the Secession style Casino and the Genoese Lighthouse. In the National Museum of Archaeology, we will see the fabulous Glykon Serpent and the wonderfully restored Roman Mosaic – one of the largest in this part of Europe. In the afternoon drive to Mamaia – Romania’s largest sea resort, established by King Carol I of Romania in the second half of the 19th century and then continue north to the ruins of the ancient town of Histria. In the early evening we will arrive to Tulcea located right at the entrance in the Danube Delta. Hotel check in. Dinner on your own.

Extra Day 2: Danube Delta Private Cruise with Lunch – Bucharest Airport

After the early breakfast, you will explore, in your private boat the youngest territory in the world, the Danube Delta started to form just 10,000 years ago and is still in the process of formation. On your exclusively cruise you will have the chance to admire the Danube scenic beauty and wildlife – it is known as the birdwatchers paradise, so simply relax while browsing through the narrow channels. A fauna specialist tour guide and skipper, who knows all the channels, will lead your tour. A great opportunity for you to watch birds and to admire nature. The Delta cuisine is certain to provide an interesting lunch experience, the lunch will be served on the ship.
After the tour we will drive back to Henri Coanda International Airport for your afternoon return flight.
Sighisoara Staircase by Holiday to Romania
Corvin Castle by Holiday to Romania
Turda Salt Mine by Holiday to Romania
Roman Catholic Cathedral Alba Iulia by Holiday to Romania
House with Antler Sighisoara by Holiday to Romania
Bran Castle by Holiday to Romania
John of Hunedoara by Holiday to Romania
Vlad the Impaler - Dracula
Ceausescu Residence by Holiday to Romania
Saschiz Fortified Church by Holiday to Romania
Sighisoara Lower Town by Holiday to Romania
the Black Church by Holiday to Romania
Sibiu Evangelical Church by Holiday to Romania
Dracula Restaurant Turda by Holiday to Romania
Sibiu Sleeping Eyes and Evangelical Church by Holiday to Romania
Saschiz Saxon Village by Holiday to Romania
The Clock Tower Sighisoara by Holiday to Romania

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5.00 based on 3 reviews
Prince H.
July 9, 2017

I booked through here because I wanted to see as much and learn as much about Dracula/Vlad the Impaler! I really enjoyed the tour and tour guide was very good and knowledgeable! I would book a tour through them again!

Ben Douglas
August 25, 2017

My wife was hesitant on this tour due to the name. We have traveled to several countries and have seen some great country and history but this tour really delivers on beauty of the Transylvania countryside and History. Our guide, Dan, not only looked after us but was very knowledgeable of all the areas we visited. The Castles and fortresses were magnificent. I know people have different tastes in what they like to see but in all of our travels this rates as the best vacation travel package we have ever taken. The memories will stay with us the rest of our lives. Dan became like a family member on this tour and and it was emotional and sad to have to say goodbye to him at the end. I highly recommend this tour to those who want to see the beauty of Romania’s Transylvania area and discover the legends behind Dracula.

Kathleen & Leah K.
August 22, 2019

My sister & I knew not what to expect, & were not only pleased, but thrilled by the informational scope & interest of the tour. Our tour was a long one, encompassing Bran Castle, Targoviste Royal Court, & Snagov Monastery. Though it was around 11 hours altogether, the sites were full of historical interest & beautiful art & architecture, & our guide, Dan, was phenomenal. He was full of energy & information, & he filled us in on many interesting tidbits. History, anecdotes, facts, & cultural practices were all topics of discussion, & he was so knowledgable that we were unable to stump him with our questions! If touring in Romania, this is the service to use!

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